Cosmic Coincidence or Divine Destiny?

22 Jun


Now that we have officially entered the summer months, how are you feeling?  The ancients  had a saying “as above, so below”.  The idea being that what happens in the heavens also affects us here on earth.  Scientists are now continuing research into how true this is.

Dr Finch summer solstice strawberry moon soundbyte

Apparently, the extended daylight hours  on the day of the solstice positively impacts our mood.  Studies have  also found that there may be a correlation between the appearance of the Full moon and how it affects our body. Read More The effects of the full Moon on our bodies.


The word ‘terrestrial’ refers to our planet the earth.  So an ‘extra terrestrial’ whether it be an object or a sentient being, is something or someone which is not from earth.

The sun is our most important star. It provides us with heat and light. Without it we would cease to exist.  The moon is our satellite.  It controls all water on earth including the water in our bodies.  Both could be considered to be extra terrestrials.  Whether they are inanimate or sentient is another story for another day…


The ancient Egyptians were champion stargazers.  Much of what they discovered, has filtered down to us today. Many of the symbols and iconography which they created are still in use today.  To make things easy for ordinary people, complex principles were given names, this was also the case for each of the natural elements.

Two examples are the sun god Ra (left)  and the moon goddess Hathor (right).


Ra and Hathor both provide us with light. The male principle doing so during the day and the female principle during the night.  The 2016 June solstice, the longest day of the year, was extended into the night by the appearance of the full moon.

Dr Finch reminds us that during the June solstice, Heru (also called Horus) the son becomes his father Ra the sun and provides light to humanity. Additionally on this auspicious occasion in 2016 the trinity was completed, by the appearance of the female principle in the form of Hathor (also called Het-heru) the Moon deity.

So to conclude, is it your view that these heavenly occurrences are mere coincidences or might they in fact be a reminder of our divine destiny; the importance of living in the light…?

Live in the light

By AnkhAmunet who reminds you to Relax Into Your Destiny

AnkhAmunet is a member of Blue Water Family, a global knowledge forum which seeks to remind humanity of its connection to nature and the cosmos. We do this by acknowledging the Equinox and Solstice transits on the four occasions that they happen during the year. See a review of our previous events here: Blue Water Family Testimonials

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