When Is Your New Year?

2 Mar
heart and brain that walk hand in hand

When the brain and the heart work together we can achieve many good things…


For many nature lovers, the month of March heralds in the seasonal new year. For those of us living in the upper northern latitudes, we endure because we know that Spring is just around the corner. Additionally, for those of us who have been allowing our creative juices to flow during the magical darkness of the winter months, today is the March 2018 Full Moon. Which means that another lunar cycle has been completed. A gentle reminder to finish what we have started over the previous cycle and celebrate our achievements no matter how small.

For many cultures, especially those of us who live in the West, it has been a tradition to review our goals, renew our commitments and take stock of our achievements; to help focus our minds, we make new years resolutions:

If you are an Ethiopian Christian, your new year will be on Meskerem 1st  (11th September or 12th during a leap year).

If you follow the Gregorian Christian Calendar your new year will be on 1st January.

If you follow a lunar calendar, your new year will be determined by the traditions and culture of your ancestors.

If you are guided by Astronomy you will follow the precession of the Equinoxes and celebrate the rising of the dawn morning star during the March Equinox, which is currently in Pieces.

If you follow the Ifa Orisa Spiritual practice, your new year will be on the day of the June Solstice. This is also the case for several other Nature Spirituality Indigenous traditions, where gatherings take place at temples, which were built to recieve the first light of the sunrise on the longest or shortest day of the year.

As we can see from this brief review of ways of marking time, our ancestors were moved to act based on what they could see happening around them in nature. When we give ourselves permission to tap into the rhythm of life, we can also position our intentions and create our own cycle of milestones and achievements.

Amunets Fables Following The Cycle of The Seasons

lessons in soul survival BookCoverImage choose order or create chaos BookCoverImage BookCoverImage 41EBOdQqmgL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_

Step into the world of Amunet’s Fables. This series of seasonal books provides food for thought around issues of personal development and spiritual growth. The central message in all of these books is to Relax Into Your Destiny. See what readers are saying:

Book 1 “These Fables bring a touch of light to often cloudy situations – the unhealthy trappings of social confines, of stress, grief, ego…”  Nisa Cole Actor

Book 2 “…I think you have made a significant contribution to scholarship and spirituality. Daily living is a series of small choices. The choice brings gold or lead depending on whether it is made with love and selflessness or ego and selfishness…” Dr Kofi Bempah Author and Scientist

Book 3 “… In our modern Western fast-paced world of instant gratification, the gracious and languid art of the storyteller is being lost…What I love about Amunet’s fables is their gentle meander; her stories are like a small brook, bright and alive with bubbles and light, meanindering slowly to the sea…” Ankhara Lloyd Author and Executive Coach

Book 4 “…These Fables attempt to affect both our logical reasoning, which is predominantly the left hemisphere of the brain and our highly neglected right-hemisphere intutitive state of being… Read them and expect a reboot of your conciousness…” Shizi Rey Bowen Scholar and Wellness Advocate


IMG_8384.JPG medium size

Book 5 Due to be Released in March 2018 Date To Be Announced

“These Fables are lovely lyrical treats, delightfully proverbial in tone and texture. They remind us of the importance of stillness if we wish to intuit the inner voice of spirit, that can be so life sustaining…” Dr Michelle Yaa Asentewa – Writer and Editor Way Wive Wordz


Sponsored By Amunet’s Fables

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  1. Blue Water Family March 2, 2018 at 5:16 PM #

    Happy March 2018 Full Moon…


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