Orisha’s On The WarPath

3 Mar

Olokun Offerings

Quite recently, hardly a week goes by without hearing about a sink hole suddenly appearing in the earth or members of the public being attacked by huge waves breaching sea defences, or flood waters rising to dangerous levels. What should we make of these ever increasing occurrences? What do the experts have to say? Ether the scientists are keeping quiet for fear of bringing to a halt the wheels of industry and or perhaps, they simply don’t know what is going on.


Since Western science is reluctant to help and or is at a loss to find solutions, perhaps it might be an idea to consider an alternative explanation for these disasters.  For example when I went to Ghana for the first time, it was an emotional experience. All of my senses were heightened and fine-tuned, in order to receive all the lessons I needed to learn. One of my very first observations was how alive the sea was.  I could almost hear the stories being whispered, carried along by each ripple, in the white froth of ancient memory.  At nights, the waves would crash against the coast with such fury, that I thought I could hear gunshots or cannons going off.  I was amazed to be told that the waves made these sounds, especially during the night.  On another occasion, a trip to Bojo beach turned into a fiasco.  There was a mini inundation as the Sea decided to greet the returnees, by creeping up on us and soaking the sun bathers. It was inconvenient to some, yet for others it was viewed somewhat as a natural baptism.


In most traditional societies the elements are given names.  Most are associated with a deity. If we review the relationship between the natural environment and the march into ‘progress’, we might conclude that ‘modernism’ has a lot to answer for.  As taught by Chief Awise Ogun of Ile-Ife, in the Yoruba tradition Orisha OYA represents Storms, OLOKUN represents the deep ocean, YEMANJA represents the Sea, OSHUN represents fresh water (the rain and rivers), INA represents fire and ONILE represents the earth. Ask yourself this:


“What reason might they all have to be displeased”?



AnkhAmunet is a member of Blue Water Family, a global knowledge forum which seeks to remind humanity of its connection to nature and the natural environment.  Blue Water Family acknowledges the Equinoxes and Solstices on the four occasions during the year.

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