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A Review of The March 2016 Amunet Workshop and Lecture Series

An Inner-view on Talk With The Titans

A Review of Day 1 of the Workshops

A Review of Day 1 of the Lectures

Spring Equinox 2016 Day 3 of the Lectures

Thank You To All Who Came Out To Support The Tour

We Look Forward To Providing More Such Events

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Lectures Workshops and Consultations

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The  Lecture and Workshop Series

The UK Workshop and Lecture Tour will start on Thursday 17th March 2016. Please see the schedule below and book your place for one or more of the sessions. Be reminded that these are serious times, needing the support and guidance of important and serious scholars. We are honoured to be hosting this warrior scholar. We are equally happy to have the opportunity to help facilitate his work to the community.

If you already know of him this will be a wonderful reunion…

If you have yet to meet him, get ready for a whirlwind journey…

Interactive Workshops

A special feature of the March 2016 tour will be the introduction of a series of Five Interactive Workshops. The topics have been chosen to assist those who are on a journey of self help transformation. If this is YOU continue reading…. At the end of the workshop series, you will have gained more knowledge to help you move on to the next level of your personal development and your spiritual growth. Book all five Workshops and get a discount. Call 07424 405 022 to receive a special order for the discounted rate. Places are limited so book as soon as you can.  There may also be an opportunity for a personal one to one consultation.

Day 1 Ankh Wellbeing centre

Step into your Power attend an interactive workshop led by Dr Finch.  Here are some questions to customise your results:  What do you know about your heritage?  What do you know about your ancestors?  What do you know about African Spirituality?  Attend the workshops and find out how to use your knowledge to improve your life and help those around you.  A process also known as ‘Self Help Transformation’

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Who is Dr Finch?

Scholarship At Its Best Robin and Charles

By Emmanuel Amevor
‘Cultural Diversity and Life-long Learning
Developing  Initiatives for the 21st Century’

Dr Charles Finch, is a Kemetologist, whose work among others include, ‘Echoes of the Old Darkland’, ‘The Star of Deep Beginnings’, ‘Ancient Egypt, Africa’s Gift to Civilisation’  explores and debunks the Eurocentric myth that Africa was a primitive domain before the white race visited its shores.  Kemetian civilisation was and for that matter Africa’s contribution to the world of sciences, spirituality, mathematics, etc  have been the subject of the work of Dr Finch for several decades.  He stands tall among such great contemporaries of his such as Dr John Henrik Clarke, Dr Ivan Van Sertima, Dr Josef ben-jochannan, Dr Francess Cress-Welsing who have all joined the ancestral realm.  Dr Finch’s work which also include, ‘Dogon Man & the Cosmos’, perpetually continues to thwart the attempts to de-programme Africa and its people out of respectable contribution to the development of western civilisation. One of  Dr Finch’s  greatest contribution is not only parading his work along the corridors of academic scholarship and scrutiny but also bringing his work to community scholarship.  For this, he widens the debate about the origins of western civilisation to a wider audience.


By Astehmari Batekun
Abundance Centres (UK) Development Trust
Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL)

Dr Charles Finch III’s works introduces the broad ideas and context in which the principles of ancient kemetic life/science (including the metaphysical field) can be found.

His works help introduce me to Gerald Massey and such works of pivotal insight.  He clearly overstands Massey’s personality and temperament, the times in which Massey lived and wrote and most importantly his own requirement to be fully/truly immersed in the ancient values and thus be able to connect Gerald Massey’s insightful perceptions to important principles and actual truths for the contemporary (modern day) African (and others) to study and advance with.  These truths point, in some ways, to the heart of the African place of being.

I especially value these books penned by Master Teacher Dr Charles Finch III:

  • Echoes of the Old Darkland: Themes from the African Eden
  • The African Background to Medical Science: Essays on African History, Science & Civilizations
  • Africa & the Birth of Science & Technology: A Brief Overview

Who is Dr Finch Continued?

Still Out Of Africa – Debating The Implications of An Anti-Afrocentric Critique By Dr Charles S. Finch

Charles Finch on Gerald Massey


Attend A Lecture

africans in science and technology Wed 23rd March

Dogon Cosmogeny March 22nd

Dr Finch At The Spring Equinox 2016

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